lørdag 14. desember 2013

C.W. Stoneking - The Love Me Or Die

Here's a sinister tale of a guy casting a hoodoo spell on a beautiful girl to make her love him. Unfortunately, because of his ineptitude she dies, and lurks in Hell to exact her revenge on her killer when some day it's his time to die. Not your average pop song then, but a scruffy-sounding piece of New Orleans style jazz with funereal horns and C.W. Stoneking's rusty voice relating the dark story, sounding like the evil offspring of Screamin' Jay Hawkins and some sort of demented voodoo queen fra the bayous of Louisiana with a slight nod to Tom Waits. Stoneking is actually Australian, but there's nothing in his story about the evil "The Love Me Or Die" curse that tips you off. It's taken from his 2008 album Jungle Blues.



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