fredag 4. november 2011

Jeff Lynne - Lift Me Up

Jeff Lynne is one of my all-time heroes. He's been ridiculed by many, accused of ruining the music of fellow Traveling Wilburys members such as Tom Petty, George Harrison and Roy Orbison as their producer, but I strongly disagree. Jeff Lynne is pretty much a musical genius, and as leader of Electric Light Orchestra he recorded some of the most exciting pop music of the 70's. ELO released their final, disappointing album in 1986, but was put back together again for the far better 2001 release Zoom. However, in 1990 Lynne released his first and so far only solo album, Armchair Theatre, and it's pretty good as evidenced by this second single off it, the joyful "Lift Me Up". Pure pop brilliance!

Watch and listen

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