torsdag 25. april 2013

R.E.M. - You Are The Everything

A rock band in more ways than one R.E.M. were a lot of other things too. They were masters of the acoustic folk- or country-driven ballad, at many times throughout their lifespan returning to this format. "You Are The Everything" (here in a live version) belongs on their Warner Bros. Records debut Green released in 1988. The group was signed for an at the time astronomical phee, also securing them creative freedom. Warner Bros. did cash in however, especially when the follow-up album Out Of Time was released three years later. But for now, let's hear the wonderful "You Are The Everything" with its beautiful mandolin and accordion. This is classic R.E.M.

Watch and listen

Green will be released as a deluxe 2CD edition in mid-May featuring the remastered album and a 21 track live disc with a 1989 show.

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