mandag 9. januar 2012

The Young Lords - Big Burden

Norwegian singer/songwriter Henning Kvitnes released his 20th album this weekend, a collection of well-crafted songs in Norwegian where the 53 year old artist reflects upon different aspects of life, including his (and our) mortality. The album is titled Ingen tid å miste (No time to lose), but it still doesn't sound as urgent as "Big Burden", recorded in 1980, when he was 21 years old. The first years of Kvitnes' career he wrote and sang exclusively in English, and The Young Lords were heavily influenced by British pub rock acts like Graham Parker & The Rumour, Dr. Feelgood and Rockpile. They only released one album, Same Shit, New Wrapping, and "Big Burden" was the stand-out track, a highly energetic song, funnily enough about being old at the tender, young age of 21. Next up for Kvitnes were the bands Saturday Cowboys, Next Step and Little Eden, before he finally decided to go it alone.


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