mandag 14. november 2011

Marit Larsen - Coming Home

On Friday Norwegian singer/songwriter Marit Larsen's third album Spark is finally released. "Coming Home" is the first single, a wonderfully melodic, uplifting song that further cements her status as a truly brilliant tunesmith. I have to admit a certain infatuation with all things Marit Larsen, she's just so cute and talented and seems so nice and... well, you get the picture. What I like about this music video is that it's an old-fashioned band video. It's not just about her, it's about the music and the musicians, the joy of playing and the joy of a really good song. It's hard to find anything to not like about "Coming Home". It bodes really well for the album.

PS! Sorry about the ad before the video. It's only a few seconds long, and it's a way for the VG website to make some money, so I hope you don't mind.

Watch and listen

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