mandag 21. november 2011

Björk - Human Behaviour

Happy birthday to Björk who's 46 years old today! Here's her wonderful single "Human Behaviour", the first to be released from her 1993 solo album Debut, after she left The Sugarcubes. "Human Behaviour" is the first in a series of songs to follow the narrative of a feral woman named Isobel, I just learned from Wikipedia. Her story is continued in the songs "Isobel", "Bachelorette" and "Alarm Call". It was co-written with producer Nellee Hooper who was a very important part of the record, but first and foremost it shows one of several sides to Björk's extraordinary musicality and inventiveness. Some may call her pretentious, I'd rather call her wildly ambitious and ever interesting.

Watch and listen

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