tirsdag 30. oktober 2012

Robert Palmer reissues coming up - here's Simply Irresistable

The late Robert Palmer's EMI albums are finally re-released by retro label Edsel on November 19th, being paired as "twofers", meaning Heavy Nova (1988) and Don't Explain (1990) is coupled, while the other set consists of the albums Ridin' High (1992) and Honey (1994). Read more about the reissues here and then watch the fantastic video for "Simply Irresistable" (1988) by following the link below.

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mandag 29. oktober 2012

Terry Callier - Ordinary Joe

R.I.P. Terry Callier. The Chicago-born jazz/folk guitarist died yesterday at 67. Callier collaborrated with people like Gil Scott-Heron and George Benson in the 70's and got a kind of renaissance in the late 90's when he started working with British artists like Beth Orton and Massive Attack. Here's my favourite song of his, the wonderful "Ordinary Joe", released as a single in 1972.


Bo Kaspers Orkester - Världens ände

"Världens ände" (The end of the world) is the first single off Swedish band Bo Kaspers Orkester's new album Du borde tycka om mig (You should like me). It's a joyful-sounding pop song, and quite a contrast to the band's lounge jazz origins. Great song, I like it a lot.

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Kylie Minogue and Nick Cave - Where The Wild Roses Grow (new version)

Kylie Minogue has re-recorded several of her old hits for the new album The Abbey Road Sessions, among them a beautiful acoustic version of "Where The Wild Roses Grow", the song she was invited by Nick Cave to record as a duet for his 1996 album Murder Ballads. It's just as haunting and eerie as the original version, exquisite in its new, more naked form.


Gunnhild Sundli - Du e' nær

(Switching to Norwegian for this one.)

Mange har ventet på at Gunnhild Sundli, den gudbenådede vokalisten/kvedersken fra folkrockgruppa Gåte, skulle gi lyd fra seg igjen. Hun dukket opp med en versjon av "Mitt hjerte alltid vanker" på fjorårets juleplate Vi tenner våre lykter, men nå gir hun endelig ut ny originalmusikk for første gang siden Gåte ga seg i 2006. Siden den gang har hun vært opptatt som skuespiller, men nå er hennes første soloplate ferdig innspilt der hun har skrevet alle sangene selv. Første smakebit fra albumet Tankerop som kommer i januar er den nydelige balladen "Du e' nær". Den  bærer sannelig bud om fine ting.

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U2 - One

"Is it getting better?" asks Bono in the opening line of U2's 1991 single "One", and I feel like countering: Is it getting better than this song? I don't think U2 before or since has recorded such a beautiful song, resonating with its universal "message" of peace and love and unity. And if you think that's old school or old-fashioned you're stupid. U2, and Bono in particular, is often ridiculed, but for what? Actually wanting to change the world to the better when they're in a position to do so? "One" is the kind of timeless song that we need, along the lines of John Lennon's "Imagine" or Pete Seeger's "If I Had A Hammer". I'm not saying all pop music should be like this, but I thank U2 for the effort.

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søndag 28. oktober 2012

The Cure - Let's Go To Bed

After the doom and gloom of The Cure's fourth album Pornography, Robert Smith returned from a month long detox stint in the British Lake District with a song that was pure synth-pop, completely different from everything the band had done until then. The 1982 single "Let's Go To Bed" is still among The Cure's finest, and that says quite a lot to be honest. This is a band that in the 80's were more or less unable to release bad or mediocre singles, but this one really shines. A true classic!

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