tirsdag 22. november 2011

Counting Crows - Mr. Jones

I'm sorry to say this, but Counting Crows very soon became a rather boring and still very successful band. Yet, their debut album August And Everything After (1993) is a masterpiece, a slice of rootsy Americana heavily indebted to The Band and other masters of the art. "Mr. Jones" was the commercial peak of a very good record, their first radio single and their most popular song to date. I saw the band perform a brilliant concert while touring this album, and those are the memories of Counting Crows I'll keep with me. Although I won't say their later albums are bad, they just don't speak to me at all, and that's a shame. "Mr. Jones" is simply a fantastic pop song, and Adam Duritz's voice is so good I find it hard to believe.

Watch and listen

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