fredag 28. februar 2014

2013 - the ones that got away

When compiling your best of-lists at the end of each year, there are always great things you have missed, aren't there? At least that's the case for me. But after two months of deep regret, I'll regret no more. Yes, in January and February I have posted lots of new stuff, but also things that I missed in 2013 that would have been contenders on my lists. Here then, I've put them all up, and as tomorrow marks the start of March, hopefully I'll be able to get on with 2014 in full. No promises though.

James Blake - "Retrograde"

Chlöe Howl - "No Strings" and other tracks

Kvelertak - "Kvelertak"

We Are Scientists - "Dumb Luck"

Foals - "My Number"

Girls In Hawaii - "Switzerland"

Lars Vaular - "Legender"

André Bratten - Be A Man You Ant

Banks - "Waiting Game"

Jacob Banks - "Worthy"

Deafheaven - "Dream House"

Max Frost - "Nice And Slow"

Bright Light Bright Light - "In Your Care"

Clean Bandit - "Dust Clears"

The 1975 - "Sex"

Jason Derulo - "Trumpets"

Jhené Aiko - "The Worst"

Jamie N Commons - "Rumble And Sway"

Shy For Shore - Teenage Pains

Norwegian synth pop duo Shy For Shore didn't win the Urørt award recently as I'd hoped, but did get noticed by people anyway and quite possibly have a shining future. Here's their brand new single "Teenage Pains" with a video made up of striptease clips from 1950's. Not very risqué in our day and age , it has to be said. What matters most though is that this is another great pop song from the pair. Looking forward to the album, whenever that sees the light of day.

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Jamie N Commons - Rumble And Sway

Take a bit of Tom Waits, a bit of The Allman Brothers Band, a bit of Jace Everett, a bit of Everlast and a bit of Moby, and you're close to understanding what British blues rocker Jamie N Commons is all about. However, he did guest on one track on last year's Eminem album, "Desperation" which was only to be found on the bonus disc of The Marshall Mathers LP 2, so that could possibly add a little more to the confusion. What's certain is that Commons is a huge talent. "Rumble And Sway" is the lead and title track off his second EP that was released last year and also includes a great version of the John Hiatt classic "Have A Little Faith In Me".

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Bjøro Håland - Wichita Lineman

In Norway there's a television program called Trygdekontoret (translates into "the dole") that takes a wry look at our society and is led by the enigmatic Thomas Seltzer. Two days ago the new season premiered, and as always the show ends with a musical act that for one reason or another is bound to surprise people. This time around was no exception, as the decidedly uncool and aged (he just turned 70) but still highly gifted country singer Bjøro Håland did a beautiful version of Jimmy Webb's "Wichita Lineman" which just happens to be one of the best songs ever written in the history of popular music. Although no match for Glen Campbell's 1968 original, it's still a hell of a good version. Thank you, Bjøro, and thank you, Thomas! This was much appreciated!

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torsdag 27. februar 2014

Bombay Bicycle Club - F For You

Fantastic version of Disclosure's "F For You" recorded by Bombay Bicycle Club for BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge. According to the band's post on Facebook right now it's a "Lagos channeling" version. A lot of fun, that's for sure!

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Ben Kyle - Mercy

I'd never have guessed, but Ben Kyle is Northern Irish. He moved to USA at the age of 13 though, so that explains his music to a better degree. He's apparantly recorded an album with the wonderful Mexican-American violinst and singer/songwriter Carrie Rodriguez and used to be in a band called Romantica, but I first heard him a few days ago when I was sent this song. "Mercy" is an absolutely brilliantly beautiful little song, a laidback kind of country tune about faith and the importance of it. The song features on Kyle's eponymous 2012 debut album, which by the way is well worth checking out.

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Eric Church - Give Me Back My Hometown

Eric Church hit it big with his 2011 album Chief from which the singles "Drink In My Hand" and "Springsteen" reached number one on the US country charts. The latter resonated big outside the format as well, reaching number 19 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart and also garnered some well-deserved attention in other countries. His new single "Give Me Back My Hometown" from the brand new album The Outsiders is another great song. If not as good as "Springsteen", it's still catchy as hell, a modern country song that is just as much rock music, with some killer hooks along the way.

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onsdag 26. februar 2014

The Captain & Me - Vienna

In November Norwegian pop band The Captain & Me (named after a Doobie Brothers song) released the awesome single "Linda Thompson" as a taste of their new album titled Peter Gabriel. Confused? Don't worry, it's not an album filled with names of famous singer/songwriters. The album title is simply a tribute to Gabriel in recognition of what he's done for what's known as "world music", as that's what The Captain & Me to a large part delve in as well. Apparantly taking inspiration from all over the world, both musically and lyrically, Peter Gabriel will be released on March 14, and the band have now released the second single off it called "Vienna", a song that is as good as "Linda Thompson" if not better - pop music at its most joyful. This will be the band's fourth album and almost surely their big breakthrough. I'm so looking forward to it!

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Erlend Øye - Fence Me In

Norwegian singer/songwriter Erlend Øye's last solo single, "La Prima Estate", was a kind of tribute to 60's style Europop sung in Italian, as he's relocated to the Sicilian city Siracuse. Evidently he's still writing songs in Italian for a possible future album, but the sometime half of Kings Of Convenience is about to return with his second solo album, sung in English. To show that he's a versatile artist, this time around he's used the Icelandic reggae band Hjalmar as backing musicians, and at least it works really well on first single "Fence Me In" that was released on YouTube yesterday. It's got a laidback reggae groove that suits Øye's trademark voice perfectly. I love it!



Ben Watt - Hendra

31 years on from the wonderful North Marine Drive, Ben Watt is finally ready with his second solo album called Hendra, slated for an April 14 release. Watt, best known for being the male half of Everything But The Girl, has been testing the new material on the road for these last few months along with new musical partner Bernard Butler (ex-guitarist of Suede), and the first single which happens to be the title track of the new album is out now, with a soberly shot video that is the result of a talent search ending in screenwriter and director Rahim Moledina getting the job. Moledina has made a video to match the melancholy of the song and its lyric about Watt's late sister, a rural postmistress and shopkeeper. Moledina has transformed Watt's lyric into a day in the life of an Asian shopkeeper, all shot in nocturnal tones that does the song justice. Although quite different from the songs on North Marine Drive, "Hendra" sounds decidedly like a Ben Watt song, no doubt about that, and it's really good to have him back in front of a microphone. However beautiful Tracey Thorn's voice is, Watt's is gorgeous too, with a warmth that pokes right at my heartstrings. It's simply a fantastic thing to have Ben Watt return to recording, as it's long overdue. Can't wait to hear the album!

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Twin Shadow feat. Samantha Urbani - There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

Los Angeles-based artist Twin Shadow, known to friends and family as George  Lewis Jr., has released two albums so far in his career, but as a hobby project he's launched the UNDER THE CVRS series in which he covers mostly well-known songs in his own special way. I just got wind of the project some days ago, as he recorded a fantastic version of The Smiths' masterful "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out", as a duet with Samantha Urbani from New York band Friends, as a special thing for Valentine's Day. He's made an electronic and a bit trip-hoppy version of what used to be a pretty straightforward guitar-pop song, and in the process given it a brand new life. I love the original, and I love this version too. Talk about reinvention!

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tirsdag 25. februar 2014

Coldplay - Midnight

And all of a sudden there came a new Coldplay track. Apart from the "Atlas" song off the recent The Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack this is the band's first new recording since 2011's Mylo Xyloto album. On "Midnight" Coldplay moves further into the realms of electronic pop music than ever before. This is a beautiful and deeply atmospheric song that slowly but steadily builds in intensity. After two spins I can safely say I love it, and the Mary Wigmore-directed video is equally atmospheric. This bodes well for a new album that will surely be announced soon.

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HIT ALERT! DJ Cassidy feat. Robin Thicke & Jessie J - Calling All Hearts

What a scorcher! Debut artist DJ Cassidy has roped in help from Robin Thicke and Jessie J for his first single, an absolutely irresistable disco tune named "Calling All Hearts". This is gonna be such a big hit, just mark my words. Basically, it's the two singers urging bystanders on the dancefloor to get dancing, and if you're in that position and hear this, they'll succeed. It's impossible to sit still when you hear this. Love, love, love it! DJ Cassidy's debut album Paradise Royale is up for a spring release.



Sam Smith - Not In That Way

Mark the date: May 26. That's when Sam Smith's album In The Lonely Hour will be released, and I'll be surprised if that's not one of 2014's best debuts. The 21 year old British singer enjoyed an amazing 2013 as guest vocalist on the year's best song, Naughty Boy's "La La La", and he also of course lent his voice to Disclosure on their wonderful single "Latch". He's currently entered the UK singles chart at number one with his new single "Money On My Mind", and last week, prior to the Brit Awards, he released the beautiful "Not In That Way" on YouTube, an acoustic take on a song off the forthcoming album. In an interview in the latest edition of Q Magazine Smith talks about never having been in a serious relationship, so he opts to write about his experiences in that manner. The theme of "Not In That Way" should resonate with people all over the world, not daring to say you love someone from fear of being rejected. Sam Smith is THE pop star of 2014, and to judge by his output so far, including the ballad "Lay Me Down" that also appers on the album, it is well-deserved.

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mandag 24. februar 2014

Jhené Aiko - The Worst

American R&B singer/songwriter Jhené Aiko has so far released a mixtape, Sailing Soul(s), in 2011, and late last year released her debut EP Sail Out from which the beautiful "The Worst" is lifted. Sounding like a cross between Frank Ocean, Beyoncé and Sade, Aiko is more than promising, and her "proper" debut album Souled Out is announced for a May release. Well worth looking forward to.

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Montée - You Need To Feel Love

Norwegian pop band Montée is readying their third album Into The Fray for a May release, and is paving the way with the wonderful single "You Need To Feel Love". It's a decidedly upbeat and seriously catchy disco tune that sounds strangely familiar, quite possibly because the band and their producer Eliot James (Kaiser Chiefs, Noah And The Whale) has assembled bits and pieces from the history of pop music that comes together in an awesome fashion and just grab you big time. Imagine a blend of Earth Wind & Fire, Phoenix, Basement Jaxx and Nik Kershaw, without a trace of irony. This is a song that immediately goes for creating a great atmosphere, so put on your biggest smile and your best dancing shoes and be on your merry way.



Jason Derulo - Trumpets

I haven't really been hugely aware of R&B star Jason Derulo, but now his single "Trumpets" has completely hooked me. Lifted from his 2013 album Tattoos, it sounds as happy and uplifting as a pop song can possibly do, and it's absolutely perfectly assembled. Every note, from the tinkling piano to the joyful trumpets of the title, and also the subtle silences that appear here and there, not to mention the song's sing-a-long qualities... everything about "Trumpets" is pure genius. And as an added bonus, the video is really funny too.

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søndag 9. februar 2014

Simple Minds - This Is Your Land

Although the Simple Minds show I attended in Oslo last week was an uneven affair, it certainly had its moments too. "This Is Your Land", even though it wasn't exactly a crowd-pleaser, sounded fantastic, as does the original studio recording from 1989's Street Fighting Years. As you may or may not know, it features Lou Reed as a guest, and Lisa Germano's rousing violin towards the end doesn't hurt things either. A great and somewhat underrated Simple Minds song.

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lørdag 8. februar 2014

Empire Of The Sun - Alive

Last year's Empire Of The Sun album, Ice On The Dune, did not become the success many people thought it would be. A shame, as it's an exciting, adventerous and musically successful album. Luckily it didn't exactly tank either, but on the heels of the amazing single "Alive" it surprised me that it didn't fare better. This is such a good song, with a joyful and wildly happy-sounding melody, and some killer hooks. Just had to play it again.

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fredag 7. februar 2014

The 1975 - Sex

Frantic, fantastic, fabulous rock music, that's what The 1975 and their hit single "Sex" is all about. The energy and the youthful exuberance that drive this song forward is absolutely addictive, and, I'm pretty sure, making it a future party classic. There's nothing to not like about it. If The 1975 just decide to quit after their 2013 eponymous debut album from which this song is taken, it's OK. It doesn't matter. They have delivered, and in the process, written themselves into music history.

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Crowded House - Don't Dream It's Over

I know I say this a lot, fantastic song this, most beautiful ballad ever that, and so forth and so forth. My enthusiasm often gets the best of me, but if there is one song that just may be a little more astounding than all the rest of the wonderful songs that I know and love, it's Crowded House's classic "Don't Dream It's Over" from their 1986 debut album. The following year it became a worldwide hit single, and it still reigns as my all-time favourite Neil Finn composition, my all-time favourite Mitchell Froom production, featuring my all-time favourite organ solo (sorry, Matthew Fisher of "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" by Procol Harum fame!) and generally just being as beautiful as it's musically possible to accomplish. "Don't Dream It's Over" is the kind of song that says you should never give up, that there is always someone to walk there beside you. It's a good message, that!

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Steve Earle - Guitar Town

OK, the coolest Steve Earle lyric ever is from the title track off his 1986 debut album Guitar Town: "Everybody told me you can't get far, on 37 dollars and a Jap guitar"... nuff said! Here's the lyrics in full, and at the bottom you'll find a link to the video.
Hey pretty baby are you ready for me
It's your good rockin' daddy down from Tennessee
I'm just out of Austin bound for San Antone
With the radio blastin' and the bird dog on
There's a speed trap up ahead in Selma Town
But no local yokel gonna shut me down
'Cause me and my boys got this rig unwound
And we've come a thousand miles from a Guitar Town
Nothin' ever happened 'round my hometown
And I ain't the kind to just hang around
But I heard someone callin' my name one day
And I followed that voice down the lost highway
Everybody told me you can't get far
On thirty-seven dollars and a jap guitar
Now I'm smokin' into Texas with the hammer down
And a rockin' little combo from the Guitar Town
Hey pretty baby don't you know it ain't my fault
I love to hear the steel belts hummin' on the asphalt
Wake up in the middle of the night in a truck stop
Stumble in the restaurant wonderin' why I don't stop
Gotta keep rockin' why I still can
I gotta two pack habit and a motel tan
But when my boots hit the boards I'm a brand new man
With my back to the riser I make my stand
And hey pretty baby won't you hold me tight
We're loadin' up and rollin' out of here tonight
One of these days I'm gonna settle down
And take you back with me to the Guitar Town

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CEO - Whorehouse

CEO is the brainchild of Eric Berglund, a Swede who used to be in a duo called The Tough Alliance, and is now ready with his second CEO album, Wonderland. "Whorehouse" is the first single off it, an almost annoyingly catchy song that enters your mind and body and simply inhabits you. In a good or bad way, that's hard to tell, but I really, really like this. Given time, I might come to hate it though. Let's wait it out...

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Clean Bandit - Dust Clears

British electronica outfit Clean Bandit is currently enjoying a huge hit with the amazing "Rather Be", but last summer's single "Dust Clears" is just as good or maybe even better, I'm not quite sure. Although quite different and nowhere near as groundbreaking, Clean Bandit appear to be about what Daft Punk set out to do on last year's masterpiece Random Access Memories, bringing a touch of humanity into electronic music. "Dust Clears" is a song brimming with melancholy, both lyrically and musically, a sad and at the same time fantastic song. In that regard it has to be said it's quite different from the joyous and life-affirming "Rather Be" single, but again, it's no less good. The video is fantastic too - have a look.

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Pick a song... and then one more... and one more...

Some days ago I was a bit bored and decided to compile a playlist in which I start by picking one song, then following that with a song whose title starts with the last word of the title from the previous song, i.e. Deafheaven's "Dream House" followed by The Animals' "The House Of The Rising Sun".

That one led to "Sun Is Shining" which is then followed by "Shining Star" which is followed by... you get the picture. Below is a link leading to the playlist in WiMP, and I've also included a link for Spotify users. If there's one word that characterizes this playlist, it's this: Diversity.




Kaja Gunnufsen - Faen ta

For en sjarmøretappe! 24 år gamle Kaja Gunnufsen er ute med sin nye digitale single "Faen ta", i WiMP, Spotify, iTunes og så videre, og det er den herligste lille sangen jeg har hørt på lenge. Dette er lyden av en ung kvinne og hennes usikkerhet, tvil og (til en viss grad) lengsler, proppfull av selvironi og avvæpnende humor. Kaja er så søt at du mest får lyst til å putte henne i lomma og ta henne med hjem, og ikke minst er "Faen ta" en fantastisk låt. Den låter litt som Kings Of Convenience, med disses vakre harmonier og fullkomment innsmigrende popmelodier, og gjett om jeg gleder meg til Kajas debutalbum som er i salg 7. mars. Videoen det er link til under her er et opptak fra Kulturhuset i Oslo i fjor høst, der hun gjør en nedstrippet versjon av "Faen ta", og jeg har også lagt ved linker til sangen i Spotify og WiMP. Denne MÅ alle høre!

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Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun

I was never that much into the Seattle grunge scene and bands of the late 80's/early 90's, but some songs have definitely stood the test of time - and then some. Soundgarden's 1994 single "Black Hole Sun" off their Superunknown album is rightfully regarded as a rock classic. Apparently Chris Cornell spent a mere 15 minutes writing it, so there you go. Sometimes you just go with the flow , and presto! - you have written your name into history. Although Soundgarden have more than one good song, this is still the one they'll be remembered for.

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torsdag 6. februar 2014

Twenty One Pilots - House Of Gold

A new name to me, but Ohio duo Twenty One Pilots evidently played a gig in Oslo yesterday to promote their album Vessel which is a mixture of new songs and songs featured on their 2011 album Regional At Best. "House Of Gold" first appeared there and has led a nomadic life on its way to becoming a minor US hit. It's an Irish-sounding sing-a-long that sooner or later just had to reach a bigger audience, and I wouldn't be surprised if Europe is ready for it now. The video for the song was released in October and is pretty astounding, well worth watching.

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Neil Finn - Flying In The Face Of Love

The forthcoming Monday finally sees the release of Neil Finn's third proper solo album, Dizzy Heights. As is almost expected from Finn, it's an adventerous but uneven affair. Having said that, I need to listen more closely to the album before my final judgement. The single "Flying In The Face Of Love" however, is fantastic. It's a forward-moving pop song with a steady beat and wonderful melody. In some ways it's a bit atypical for Neil Finn, but that's his gift really, the unpredictability of his songwriting. Great song.



onsdag 5. februar 2014

Ásgeir - King And Cross

Icelandic singer/songwriter Ásgeir (Trausti Einarsson) has just released his second album, the wonderful In The Silence. The single "King And Cross" is absolutely amazing, a laidback but adventerous piece of pop music that should earn him a lot of international attention. This could very well be his year.

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David Sylvian - Brilliant Trees

When David Sylvian, the man who just might have the most beautiful voice in the universe, released his first solo album Brilliant Trees in 1984, it was hot on the heels of his hit with Yellow Magic Orchestra's Ryuichi Sakamoto, "Forbidden Colours". I had a hard time believing the former Japan singer could top that achievement, but as a matter of fact he more or less eclipsed it with the entire album, incredible as it is. Here's the title track, one of several intensely and immensely magical songs on the record, a co-write with Jon Hassell who also plays his trumpet on the song. I can't imagine music becoming more beautiful than this.



Indiana - Solo Dancing

Indiana - the girl, not the state - is preparing her debut album for release some time in 2014, as far as I know, and "Solo Dancing" is her brand new single that was premiered on British radio yesterday. It's another fabulous single from the Nottingham singer/songwriter whose electronic pop music sounds eerie, a bit twisted and dangerous and hypnotically good. She also has the most fascinating of voices.



George Michael - Let Her Down Easy

Finally, on March 17th, there is a new George Michael album out. Symphonica is not a new collection of compositions though, but studio recorded songs from his Symphonica tour featuring symphonic versions of songs mainly from his covers album Songs From The Last Century and his excellent 2004 album Patience. He has not recorded "Let Her Down Easy" before though, a beautiful Terence Trent D'Arby ballad off his 1993 album Symphony Or Damn. Good version it is too, and anyway, it's good to have George Michael back.

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The Dream Academy - Indian Summer

"Indian Summer" was the lead single off The Dream Academy's second album, 1987's Remembrance Days. It was not as good nor as successful as their self-titled 1985 debut, but this song easily stands up with the best off that one like "Life In A Northern Town" and "The Love Parade". A shame "Indian Summer" was not a hit.

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tirsdag 4. februar 2014

Bright Light Bright Light - In Your Care

A sad and melancholic synth pop song reminiscent of Bronski Beat and early Tears For Fears to name a few, Bright Light Bright Light's "In Your Care" is simply wonderful. It's about yearning and loneliness, finding yourself a long way from home, easily related to by many. Bright Light Bright Light is the alias of Welsh singer/songwriter Rod Thomas who very recently recorded an excellent version of the Pet Shop Boys classic "West End Girls" together with Ana Matronic of Scissor Sisters. "In Your Care" is the lead track off his 2013 EP of the same name.

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The Hot 8 Brass Band - Wolf Burger

The Hot 8 Brass Band is among New Orleans' most famous so-called second line paraders (i.e. not in front of the parades, but just behind where the real fun is), and their instrumental track "Wolf Burger" is played so scorchingly hot you'd imagine it could set entire blocks on fire. If you don't immediately feel like going to the Mardi Gras festivities in "The Big Easy" upon hearing this, there is something seriously wrong with you. I mean, really. This is absolutely astonishing music, a blazing blend of funk and jazz that make your feet tingle, lifted from the band's 2013 release Tombstone.



mandag 3. februar 2014

Clean Bandit feat. Jess Glynne - Rather Be

Clean Bandit's "Rather Be" is the current UK number one single, and is a dead catchy electronic pop song. This is a fairly new British group who had a hit last year with the mildly annoying "Mozart's House", that blended electronica and Mozart. Not sure if that was such a great idea, but "Rather Be" featuring guest vocals from one Jess Glynne is quite another matter. This one also incorporates classical elements, but elements from disco and house music as well, and the melody is simply to die for. Great video too. No wonder this has become such a big hit!

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Bombay Bicycle Club - Luna

English "indie darlings" Bombay Bicycle Club release their fourth album today, titled So Long, See You Tomorrow. It's a collection of great tunes, a bit more electronic than we're used to from these quarters, and first single "Luna" is a stunner, a gorgeous and very catchy pop song, instantly enjoyable. I fell right in love with this one.

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Max Frost - Nice And Slow

Max Frost is from Austin, Texas, but musically he's a billion miles away from the city's classic singer/songwriter scene. Frost's 2013 debut EP Low High Low is a collection of pop/R&B songs that are instantly catchy and sound like they come from anywhere but Austin. I became aware of him because the song "Nice And Slow" appears on the Vampire Academy soundtrack that also includes Chvrches's awesome cover of the Bauhaus classic "Bela Lugosi's Dead". "Nice And Slow" is a laidback dream-pop track, atmospheric, smooth-sounding and intoxicating, evoking summer in every note, a bit like a modern version of The Isley Brothers' "Summer Breeze". A lovely song.

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Damon Albarn - Everyday Robots

If first single "Everyday Robots" is anything to judge by, Damon Albarn's first proper solo album, is well worth waiting for. The ever-unpredictable and prolific Blur and Gorillaz singer has turned out project after project, and the 2012 album Dr. Dee was even credited simply to Damon Albarn. Yet, the album that is also named Everyday Robots and is released at the end of April, is his first "official" album as a true solo artist or something. This song is a slow, fascinating and quirky track that gets you hooked and refuses to let go, and I can't wait to hear more.

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R. Kelly - When A Woman Loves

Exchanging music tips with a friend, I was reminded of R. Kelly's "When A Woman Loves" off his 2010 retro-soul masterpiece Love Letter. What a vocal performance! This is an absolutely amazing song, a ballad reminiscent of all the best by the soul greats of the 1950's, '60's and '70's, from Sam Cooke to Ray Charles to Otis Redding to Marvin Gaye and beyond. This is just crazy good!

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Skambankt - Voodoo

Endelig er jærenrockerne Skambankt ute med sitt femte album. Etter at Kaizers Orchestra nå angivelig har satt et endelig stopp, har dermed gitarist Terje Winterstø Røthing tid til å fokusere helt og fullt på Skambankt, og albumet Sirene som kom forrige uke sitter som et skudd. Det er forholdsvis enkel og rett frem riffrock, men når ble det feil liksom? "Voodoo" er albumets første single, og får duge mens vi venter på at de enda bedre "Anonyme hatere" og "Sånne som deg" blir lansert. Hør albumet i WiMP eller Spotify og se videoen til "Voodoo" under. Enjoy!

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lørdag 1. februar 2014

Led Zeppelin - I Can't Quit You Baby

From Robert Plant's opening howl till its end almost five minutes later, this version of Willie Dixon's "I Can't Quit You Baby" is all about where Led Zeppelin came from, a slow, heavy blues in which Jimmy Page shines as a beacon in the night. Taken of course from their awesome 1969 self-titled debut album and one of two Dixon covers on it, the other being "You Shook Me".