mandag 19. mai 2014

Helle's Kitchen's rock'n'roll fiskeboll playlist spessial

My beautiful and talented wife Helle is currently participating in a food competition on Norwegian TV2 called Norges grillmester, a barbecue show where ten pairs of (mostly) amateur cooks compete, doing different and quite difficult chores in each program. Being a cook, music is often an essential element in the kitchen, so here's an excellent playlist featuring some Helle's favourite tunes. You'll be treated to classics and hidden gems alike, from a wide variety of acts, ranging from the Ministry to Justin Timberlake, from The Smiths to House Of Pain.

Her favourites by other bands like Rolling Stones, Breeders, Sisters Of Mercy, The Jesus And Mary Chain, Bob Marley & The Wailers, Led Zeppelin, Jane's Addiction, Pixies, Joy Division, The Chemical Brothers, Blur, Dead Kennedys and lots more are also here, for a total of 40 awesome songs, so do check the list out. Below are links to the playlist both in Spotify and WiMP, depending on what you subscribe to. Note however, that the Zeppelin track is not in WiMP as they have only signed a streaming deal with Spotify. Regardless of that sad but in this case insignificant fact, this is a playlist you'll surely enjoy - either cooking on your own or just having a party.




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