torsdag 29. september 2011

Rumer - Aretha

British singer/songwriter Rumer (born Sarah Joyce in Islamabad)  was one of last year's greatest surprises, a talent that surpasses most of her peers. It's no wonder people like Burt Bacharach, Jools Holland and Elton John have embraced her. She's got the voice of an angel, and musically she inhabits the same room as The Carpenters, Carole King, Bacharach, Karla Bonoff and their like. "Aretha" was her second single, about a troubled teenage girl walking to school, listening to Aretha Franklin on her headphones. It's a wonderful ballad, an extraordinarily well-crafted composition. This is in every way classic songwriting, and Rumer also has the voice to pull it off perfectly.

Watch and listen

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