tirsdag 6. september 2011

Bob Woodruff - Alright

It's a shame country singer/songwriter Bob Woodruff never got the success that he deserved upon the qualities of his two records to date, Dreams And Saturday Night and Desire Road, released in 1994 and 1997 respectively. He was unlucky with record labels, followed bad advice and had to take care of a sick mother while nurturing an escalating heroin habit, overdosing several times but luckily not dying. In a recent interview with Houston Chronicle you can read his story, where the journalist references a blogger that recently likened Woodruff's career to that of Bad Blake, the fictional character that Jeff Bridges portrays in the movie Crazy Heart. As he concludes, "it's not a bad comparison, though Blake's commercial highs were higher than Woodruff's and Woodruff's chemical highs were higher than Blake's." The good news now is that Woodruff is recording again. Whether he will release some of the stuff remains to be seen, but I wish him all the best - from the bottom of my heart. The song "Alright" was a single off Dreams And Saturday Night. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Watch and listen

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