søndag 4. september 2011

Hilde Heltberg & Kari Iveland - Hvem er jeg når musikken har stanset

Today we got the sad news that Norwegian singer/songwriter Hilde Heltberg died, 51 years old. She was an eclectic artist, although not everything she touched was golden. She was especially a great collaborator and her voice fitted well with others, making her a great duet partner to people like Trond Granlund, Jonas Fjeld, Henning Kvitnes and others. Here's a snippet of a song she wrote and recorded with her friend Kari Iveland for the Norwegian national broadcasting station NRK, for a 2008 project called Postkort fra livet (Postcards from life) where people wrote poems for different artists to put music to. "Hvem er jeg når musikken har stanset?" (Who am I when the music has stopped?) is indeed a valid question today. You may also buy the song by following the link underneath. R.I.P. Hilde Heltberg.

Listen to 30 seconds and/or buy the song.

CD Postkort fra livet

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