søndag 11. september 2011

Prefab Sprout - Music Is A Princess

Paddy McAloon's tribute to the magic of music has been heard by far too few people. "Music Is A Princess" is the best of the many great tracks that appeared on the 2009 release Let's Change The World With Music, an album that was mostly recorded in 1993 as a possible follow-up to 1990's Jordan: The Comeback, but was left in McAloon's vaults after a supposed misunderstanding with Sony's A&R man Muff Winwood who for some reason wanted Paddy to edit the album down from the 14 songs that was presented to him. It was one of several "lost" Prefab Sprout albums, but thankfully was put out after 16 years. Let's hope some of the others will be released too, and hey, there's also talk of a brand new Prefab Sprout album to be released in the course of 2011, but I have to say I'm doubtful. Check out http://www.prefabsprout.net/ for possible updates on this, but for now, enjoy "Music Is A Princess"!


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