onsdag 10. oktober 2012

Listen to the new Donald Fagen album in its entirety

Sunken Condos is the title of Donald Fagen's fourth solo album, to be released in Europe this Friday, in the UK on Monday, and in the US on Tuesday. But wherever you live, you can listen to the entire album free of charge by following the link below. I advice you to do so as it sounds absolutely excellent. Please note that song number six is a version of the Isaac Hayes song "Out Of The Ghetto". The remaining eight songs are all Fagen originals.


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  1. Sunken Condos kan allerede nå kjøpes i høyoppløst FLAC-format(24b/88.2kHz) på denne tyske siden:


    Sannsynligvis det beste alternativet for audiofile dersom skiva ikke kommer som DVD-Audio eller SACD senere.