tirsdag 28. august 2012

Wilco vs. Bill Fay - Jesus Etc.

British singer/songwriter Bill Fay has not released a proper album in 41 years, but on the recently released album Life Is People he is back with a vengeance. And with a little help from a few friends and fans, young and old. Among these are Wilco's Jeff Tweedy who sings a bit on the track "This World". Also, Fay gives Tweedy his due respect by doing a stunning version of Wilco's classic "Jesus, Etc." that appeared on the band's 2002 album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Below you'll find both a live clip of Wilco performing the song in 2008, and the audio file of Fay's version. They're both incredible, and it's hard to pick one over the other. I guess it's a tie, but you may disagree...

Wilco version

Bill Fay version

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