fredag 31. august 2012

Penthouse Playboys - Sangen han sang var min egen

Apart from being brilliantly named, Penthouse Playboys is among the top pop acts in Norway, thanks to a knack for finding the right songs to play, and of course the charismatic singer Jens Pikenes. His animal magnetism and sensual presence have turned him into a wet dream for many a Norwegian woman, girl... and man. * You'll find that "Sangen han sang var min egen" sounds quite familiar as it is a translated version of the Roberta Flack classic "Killing Me Softly With His Song". The Norwegian version was translated by journalist Terje Mosnes and a hit single for Inger Lise Rypdal in 1973, but the 1996 Penthouse Playboys version is of course the definitive one.

Watch and listen

* Best digested with a tiny pinch of salt.

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