lørdag 4. august 2012

Louis Armstrong - La Vie En Rose

I know, I know, Louis Armstrong was and is to always be associated with "the big easy", "the crescent city" or as it is otherwise known, New Orleans, but upon his 111th birthday (or rather anniversary, he died in 1971) I go for his version of the French chanson "La Vie En Rose", popularized by Edith Piaf and recorded by Satchmo in the late 1940's. It's simply wonderful. Happy birthday to the great man!


A picture of Louis Armstrong. Short-haired black man in his fifties blowing into a trumpet. He is wearing a light-colored sport coat, a white shirt and a bow tie. He is faced left with his eyes looking upwards. His right hand is fingering the trumpet, with the index finger down and three fingers pointing upwards. The man's left hand is mostly covered with a handkerchief and it has a shining ring on the little finger. He is wearing a wristwatch on the left wrist.

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