tirsdag 14. august 2012

Gotye - Somebodies: A YouTube Orchestra

Gotye - born Wouter De Backer and nicknamed Wally - has enjoyed a kind of success he could never have dreamed of with his genius break-up song "Somebody That I Used To Know". One thing is that it has become a huge worldwide hit, quite another is the fact that it has inspired so many ordinary fans and sundry musicians to do their own versions of it. "Somebody That I Used To Know" has been recorded in countless versions and posted on YouTube, showing an amazing creativity. Now the man himself has added another chapter to the fun by assembling a kind of supermix, splicing together loads of the different versions out there. As a thank you he's also posted the listings to all the videos he's used on his blog. The result is excellent, and that what is basically a sad and bitter song can turn into such a feelgood song is the kind of paradox I like. You. Must. See. This.

Watch and listen

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