onsdag 15. august 2012

Madonna Top 10

Madonna's current tour is met with mixed reviews and her latest album MDNA was a flop. Today her tour is bringing her to Oslo, and Norway's biggest newspaper is dubbing her a falling star. They're not the only ones to that. Columnists and fans all over the world has suggested the same thing, but underestimating the power of Madonna seems to me like an immensely stupid thing. She will be back, and she will be back strongly. This is a woman who is not going to lie down and surrender to her critics. I'm pretty sure she will make more good records (she is still only 53 years old) and she will embark on more successful tours than the one she's doing now. It's just a matter of time.

Anyway, I have compiled ten Madonna favourites, both for my own, and hopefully your, enjoyment. The year put in brackets is the year the song was released as a single, not necessarily the year of its album appearence. So, without further ado, here they are.

1. "Papa Don't Preach" (1986)

Picture of a brunette woman, with her hands folded in prayer. Her image is placed inside a rectangular frame on a white background. Above the image, the word "Madonna" is written in capital letters, with a picture of a crown atop it. Below the image, the words "Like a Prayer" is written in all caps.

2. "Like A Prayer" (1989)

Portrait of a young blond woman against a black background. Only her face is highlighted. She sports flowing blond hair and blue eyes. Her face looks sombre and she looks a little to the right of the camera. Below her image, the word "Madonna" is written in capital letters across the length of the photo. On the bottom-right, the word "Live to Tell" is written in flowing pink color.

3. "Live To Tell" (1986)

4. "Justify My Love" (1990)

5. "Human Nature" (1995)

6. "La Isla Bonita" (1987)

7. "Hung Up" (2005)

Two blond females standing side-by-side. They are wearing black trousers and black-and-white tops, with a number of junk jewelery around their neck and hand. The woman on the right crosses her legs and looks towards the image, while the one of the left, looks on her far left. The image is surrounded by a black border, the right of which has the words "Madonna" and "Into the Groove" written in white capital letters.

8. "Into The Groove" (1985)

Image shows Madonna sitting beside Justin Timberlake in front of a white background. She is wearing tight black leather pants and a T-shirt. Timberlake is similarly dressed. He has thin lines of beard around his face. The word "4 Minutes" is written in blue bold font on their picture.

9. "4 Minutes" featuring Justin Timberlake and Timbaland (2008)

A blond female sits on a bed partially wrapping a mauve colored silk cloth around her. Her short hair is arranged roughly on her head. Above her image, the words "Madonna" is written in blue lowercase. Beneath the word, "Material Girl" is written on the right hand side.

10. "Material Girl" (1985)

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