lørdag 24. mars 2012

Top 10 blog entries for year one

Hooray! Today Erik's musical diary is one year old, and it's been a lot of fun so far. I have posted a total of 1564 entries and here's the ten most popular:

1. Gabrielle - "Ring meg"

Bergen artist Gabrielle's debut single "Ring meg" (Call me) was one of last year's biggest hits in Norway, and it was also the number one hit on my blog. Congratulations, Gabrielle! Great song and well deserved!

2. Vinni - "Godmorgen Norge"

From the excellent Norwegian TV show Hver gang vi møtes (Every time we meet) hip hop artist Vinni (formerly of Paperboys) performed this astonishing version of Knutsen & Ludvigsen's children's classic "God morgen Norge".

3. Sirkus Eliassen og Ben Kinx - "Æ vil bare dans"

A lot of fun from these guys and their wonderful single "Æ vil bare dans" (I just wanna dance). Kids stuff perhaps, but the catchiest song I've heard in a long time.

4. Ylvis - "Stonehenge"

Great fun from comedy duo Ylvis from Bergen. Brothers Bård and Vegard Ylvisåker are excellent at parodies, and it's be pretty hard to take Robbie Williams serious after watching this.

5. The man who murdered Unknown Pleasures

I was very upset with former Joy Division/New Order bassist Peter Hook after watching his pathetic attempt at recreating Unknown Pleasures. It was in every respect ugly.

6. Amalie Øvstedal - "Sing To Me"

A beautiful Christmas song, performed by a very talented 15 year old.

7. Neko Case & Nick Cave - "She's Not There"

The first non-Norwegian entry is this gorgeous take on the old The Zombies hit, recorded by Neko Case and Nick Cave for the soundtrack to HBO series True Blood.

8. 2011 - the year in music

My favourite music of 2011. The best 25 singles and 25 albums. Who won?

9. New Order - "Hellbent"

An unreleased New Order song was added to Joy Division/New Order compilation Total.

10. Rudi Myntevik - You Break It You Own It

Way too good for the Eurovision Song Contest, but not for this blog.

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