torsdag 15. mars 2012

Ry Cooder - The Long Riders

Happy 65th birthday to musicians' musician Ry Cooder, world music hero, guitar hero, soundtrack hero and more. He's daring, adventurous, never predictable, and in every sense a brilliant musician, and has released a score of fantastic albums, including several movie soundtracks. His number one fan in that respect is of course the director Walter Hill, who's commisioned Cooder to compose music for at least ten of his films. The 1980 movie The Long Riders is one of the best, where Cooder and his cadre of fantastic players go back in time, to the days of the American Civil War (1861 - 1865) and of the brothers Frank and Jesse James and their gang of outlaws. Here's the theme music, but the entire soundtrack is well worth having.


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