mandag 26. mars 2012

Jan Eggum & Elvira Nikolaisen - Mor jeg vil tilbake

Another performance from Norwegian TV show Hver gang vi møtes (Every time we meet) where seven prolific singer/songwriters met to perform each others' songs. In the last show each of them were allowed to perform one of their own songs in any way they chose to. All seven songs are avaliable by following the link below, but one performace really stood out. That's Jan Eggum who invited Elvira Nikolaisen along to duet with him on his 1977 classic "Mor jeg vil tilbake" (Mother, I want to return) from his album Heksedans (Witches' dance). It's amazing how well their voices blend - one of the  very best performances of the entire series, simply beautiful.

Watch and listen

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