fredag 30. mars 2012

Act - Coming Closer

Act (or The Act as they called themselves on their debut single) was a Norwegian rock band of the mid-80's, fronted by Bjørn Kulseth who went on to front several other outfits, most notably The Contenders. Their music was heavily influenced by American rock acts of the era such as Green On Red, R.E.M., Los Lobos, The Dream Syndicate, Let's Active and others, but Kulseth's main influences were acts like Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and Nick Lowe. For their only album, September Field (1986), they hired producer Steve Berlin, who's also the saxophone player in Los Lobos. "Coming Closer" was the opening track on the LP and it still sounds fresh. This album should be on CD or at least become available digitally.


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