onsdag 21. mars 2012

The Cut - The Crowd

Now here's a good one. The Cut was a Norwegian new wave/post punk band, fronted by West German singer Volker Zibell and featuring in its ranks a young Torgrim Eggen (who's now a best-selling and respected novelist) on bass guitar. The band's debut album Shadow Talks released in 1981 is one of my all-time favourite Norwegian albums, something most people will gladly disagree with me on. It was produced by British producer John Leckie, noted for his work with bands like Magazine, XTC and Simple Minds, that was hired to produce albums by both The Cut and DePress at the same time. The DePress album Block To Block is always referred to as one of the very best Norwegian records of all time (it was recently voted number 10 by a broad panel of Norwegian musicians) whereas nobody ever refers to Shadow Talks at all, not even in derogatory terms. It is basically forgotten. So let's try and do something about that, shall we? At least, give opening track "The Crowd" a listen or ten and you might actually like it. I really hope so.


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