mandag 27. august 2012

Eric Church - Springsteen

American country singer Eric Church is now officially on Bruce Springsteen's fan list, as "The Boss" has written Church a personal note on back of one of his set lists and given it to Church's road manager Wayne LeBeaux. In the note Springsteen states how much he loves the song Church has named "Springsteen". It's the third single off Chief, Church's third successful album in a row, following debut album Sinners Like Me (2006) and Carolina (2009). You can read the full news report about the note on where Church is interviewed as well. "Springsteen" is a very nice song, a little bit of country music, a little bit of pop music, where Bruce Springsteen's songs are a reference point for the estranged couple in the song. Church sings "funny how a melody sounds like a memory", being absolutely right of course. Feelgood song of the day.

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