onsdag 7. mars 2012

Prefab Sprout - Earth: The Story So Far

Let's Change The World With Music (What a title!) was intended as the follow-up to Prefab Sprout's fabulous 1990 album Jordan: The Comeback. That never happened as Muff Winwood, Sony Music's A&R man turned Paddy McAloon down when he presented the demoes for the album. Whatever way that turned out, the album was shelved, and in September of 2009 it had been completed and was finally released. It's a masterpiece, a thing of rare beauty, and "Earth: The Story So Far" is a song that perfectly captures the mood of the album. One of many, it has to be said. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L, nothing less!


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  1. On first listening I thought OK, nothing outstanding here, but a few play later this truly is a sublime album. Paddy's voice (along with Green)could sing the telephone directory and make it sound like a velvet psalm, but the songs here do carry themselves very well.
    The references to God out-weigh it's so-I've-learned predecessor "Jordon", but now I know that it all makes sense.
    Right now my fave is"Earth:" a jangly 60s track that Bacharach and David would be proud of. But really the rest are all Paddy classics to twang every emotional chord.
    I hear there's an abundance of albums sitting somewhere where only paddy knows the whereabouts. One can but imagine... and dream...