tirsdag 17. januar 2012

John Phillips - Topanga Canyon

Topanga Canyon is part of Los Angeles, a place that has attracted musicians and bohemians of every stripe for a long time. The music scene was especially vibrant here in the late 60's/early 70's, and among the acts associated with Topanga are members of Eagles, Flying Burrito Brothers, Fleetwood Mac, The Doors, and an incredible number of other big and small names from Neil Young, Marvin Gaye, Joni Mitchell and Billy Preston to more recent names such as Devendra Benhart and Chris Robinson. John Phillips of The Mamas And The Papas wrote a song called "Topanga Canyon" for his fabulous 1970 solo album John, The Wolfking Of L.A. It's a beautiful country rock number, featuring help from some of the era's (or any era's) best musicians, Hal Blaine, James Burton, Red Rhodes, Darlene Love and others. Classic!

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