lørdag 21. januar 2012

Rudi Myntevik - You Break It You Own It

Last night, I received a nice message from Rune Berg, guitarist and songwriter in Number Seven Deli and now sadly disbanded The Margarets, two Norwegian bands who are well-known and respected for their classic pop music in the best of melodic traditions. He's also a professional songwriter and a producer, and has written the song "You Break It You Own It" with his friend Asbjørn Ribe of Jim Stärk "fame". The story further goes that Rune is part of a huge family, and at a recent family gathering members of the clan were encouraged to perform something from the stage. Enter Rudi Myntevik, a distant relative of Rune, and when he sang a self-written song, Rune immediately knew that Rudi was the voice he needed for this particular song, i.e. "You Break It You Own It".

The story does not end there however, as one of the key people in the Norwegian Eurovision Song Contest organisation, Per Sundnes, at more or less the same time, called Rune to ask if he might have something that would fit the contest. A further long story short, "You Break It You Own It" will be performed for the first time live tonight, by Rudi Myntevik, in the first of the part finals for the song contest.

Finally it has to be said, "You Break It You Own It" is the kind of pop song you wouldn't necessarily associate with the event that is the Eurovision Song Contest. Frankly, it's better than what usually ends up in the final. To quote a line from "You Break It You Own It": "I don't want to be a killjoy, I don't want to spoil your fun", BUT I don't think it has much of a chance tonight. I haven't heard the other songs, but "You Break It You Own It" is simply too good!

Check it out for yourself.


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