søndag 31. juli 2011

Povl Dissing & Benny Andersen - Da jeg mødte dig

Wow, it's been nine days now since the bombing of the government buildings in Oslo and the massacre at Utøya. I haven't been in the mood to blog since then, which I hope everyone will understand. I still mourn for all the dead by the hand of evil incarnate, but life eventually has to go on, so here we are, back in business of some sort.

I'll give you a beautiful Danish song to listen to today. Although non-Scandinavians won't understand a word of it, I still hope the melody will please you. And for all of you that do understand, Povl Dissing and Benny Andersen's "Da jeg mødte dig" (When I met you) from the 1982 album Oven visse vande, is a humerous and sweet song about a hopeless alcoholic meeting the love of his life. Sadly he's becoming so scared by the world he sees around him that he desperately falls back in love with the bottle before eventually he is saved by this wonderful person he's singing to. Have a nice Sunday, everybody!


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