lørdag 16. juli 2011

Madonna - Into The Groove

Madonna ruled the summer of 1985 when "Into The Groove" was released in late July. The song featured in the actually quite funny film Desperately Seeking Susan, and became a massive hit. After the success of songs such as "Like A Virgin" and "Material Girl" Madonna seemingly could do nothing wrong, music-wise that is. "Into The Groove" is actually one of her very best songs, I think. A true classic!

Watch and listen

Two blond females standing side-by-side. They are wearing black trousers and black-and-white tops, with a number of junk jewelery around their neck and hand. The woman on the right crosses her legs and looks towards the image, while the one of the left, looks on her far left. The image is surrounded by a black border, the right of which has the words "Madonna" and "Into the Groove" written in white capital letters.

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