søndag 5. april 2015

Ryley Walker - Sweet Satisfaction

Chicago-based singer/songwriter Ryley Walker has just released his second album Primrose Hill, and on the heels of the title track, "Sweet Satisfaction" is the current single. The video is like a drug-induced nightmare vision, the song its perfect companion piece, and together film and music blends into a perfect six minutes plus of folk meets jazz meets paranoiac, angst-ridden atmosphere that is like a cross between English 60's and 70's acts like Pentangle and Roy Harper, the Laurel Canyon influences of Jonathan Wilson, the present day singer/songwriter/producer who's most certainly born into the wrong time entirely, and the films of David Lynch. The quiet, acoustic intro paves way for a raging electric guitar sounding like the love child of Jimi Hendrix, Bert Jansch and Neil Young. This is absolutely awesome stuff, and Walker is a name to be aware of. Check out this video, and then if you like it, the new album.

Watch and listen

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