lørdag 7. september 2013

Warren Zevon - 10 years dead today - playlist and video

It's been 10 years already since Warren Zevon died. He may have been the strangest of singer/songwriters ever to have hit singles of which the 1978 song "Werewolves Of London" was his biggest. He was never a superstar but his songs became hits for other people, foremost of these Linda Ronstadt who did wonderful versions of songs of his like "Carmelita", "Hasten Down The Wind" and "Poor Poor Pitiful Me". You can't beat Zevon for originality as his songs were populated by headless Norwegian mercenaries, werewolves, American diplomats, psychopathic hockey players, real-life bandits and loads more crazy characters. Coupled with an astonishing knack for a good melody, Warren Zevon was indeed one of a kind. Here's a playlist featuring 35 of his best songs. Unfortunately not all his records are available for streaming so there are a few great ones missing. You can find the video to one of these, "Sentimental Hygiene", in a separate link below. Well worth seeing and hearing.


Sentimental Hygiene video


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