mandag 2. september 2013

Justin Currie - If I Ever Loved You

Now this song... really, I mean... is it possible to write such an obvious candidate for best ballad of all time and be more or less completely overlooked? In 2007 former lead singer of the Scottish band Del Amitri released his first solo album, What Is Love For, and on that album were featured a song called "If I Ever Loved You". It's a big ballad in its original recorded form, and I really have no idea how this was never picked up by anyone important enough to make it a hit, or even make it known to at least a few people. The album tanked, and the follow-up album, 2010'sThe Great War, didn't fare much better. Currie has just released his third solo album, a fine record called Lower Reaches recorded far from home, in Texas. Let's hope that fares better.

Anyway, the clip you're about to see is from a BBC Songwriters Circle show, where Currie, Boo Hewerdine and former Squeeze singer Chris Difford share the stage, swapping songs. The piano from the original is replaced by a lone acoustic guitar, and Currie's beautiful, haunting voice. At the end of a song Difford's in tears, thanking Currie for this incredible song. So, at least some people appreciate it, and if it's been a while since you've seen a grown man cry, here's your chance. Hope you like this song too. I've added the studio version as well, so you'll be able to hear it in all its well-produced glory.

Watch and listen

Studio version

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