søndag 15. september 2013

Simple Minds - King Is White And In The Crowd

Simple Minds' 1982 masterpiece New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84) is one of the albums that mean the most to me as a music lover. Upon its release I was totally infatuated with synth-pop and the whole New Romantics scene, ranging from Ultravox to ABC, from Spandau Ballet to Devo, from... well, you get the gist, and when New Gold Dream was released, for me it became the definitive album of the era. It has stood the test of time completely, and I still love each one of its nine songs. "King Is White And In The Crowd" is the epic, atmospheric, seven minute closing track, and is of course absolutely gorgeous. I'll see Simple Minds in January on their "greatest hits" tour. As "King Is White..." was not a single, they won't be playing it, but it would've fit perfectly in. As it is, it's one of Simple Minds' many, many great songs.



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