mandag 2. september 2013

Goldfrapp - Annabel

Here's the second song to be released off Goldfrapp's September 9 album Tales Of Us. After hearing the first one, "Drew", I predicted the duo's best record to date, and after hearing "Annabel" as well, I'm even more certain. These are two songs that take Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory's music in the right direction, low-key, a bit eerie, atmospheric, cinematic, and utterly beautiful. As "Drew" was, "Annabel" is also accompanied by a short film, featuring a young, androgynous boy exploring his femininity. It's shot in black and white, but as he puts on a dress in the last frames the film gets a subtle colouring. Effective trick to get the point across. Director Lisa Gunning, Alison Goldfrapp's partner, has made a series of short films set to each of the album's nine songs, so I guess they'll be put together as a whole film eventually. I certainly hope so, as both "Drew" and "Annabel" perfectly accompanies the music. See for yourself.

Watch and listen


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