lørdag 10. desember 2011

Erik's musical Advent calendar: Slade - Merry X'Mas Everybody

Let's just get it over with. Slade's "Merry X'Mas Everybody" is one of the really great Christmas songs, with its infectious sing-a-long chorus and monster guitar riff. It was the UK Christmas number one in 1973 and has since become a must hear tune every Christmas, also of course in Erik's musical Advent calendar. Pure fun!

Watch and listen

A monochrome photograph of four young men, with a white border, set almost centrally in a red square. The words "SLADE" dominate the cover, underneath which is written "MERRY X'MAS EVERYBODY". Underneath the photograph are the words "DONT BLAME ME". White stars border the left and right sides of the photograph.

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