mandag 27. juni 2011

HIT ALERT! Weathervane - Weathervane

Weathervane is Paal Waaktaar-Savoy's new band project. The former a-ha and Savoy multi-instrumentalist and songwriter has joined forced with one Jimmy Gnecco of American rock outfit Ours under the moniker Weathervane. Their first release is this self-titled track which features in the new Norwegian movie Hodejegerne (Headhunters), based upon crime fiction writer Jo Nesbø's bestseller. It's a great pop song, quite reminiscent of a-ha actually, and Gnecco's voice is not a million miles away from the voice of one Morten Harket, singer extraordinaire of a-ha. The video includes scenes from the movie interspersed with clips featuring Waaktaar-Savoy and Gnecco performing. Enjoy!

Watch and listen

Jimmy Gnecco

Paal Waaktaar-Savoy

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