søndag 26. juni 2011

Folk & Røvere - Yess!

Yess! Summer has finally arrived in Oslo today! A beautiful day at long last, and it may even stay that way. That's why I wanted to play Norwegian "one man band with friends and helpers" Folk & Røvere's extremely laidback and groovy summer tune "Yess!" from 1999. To this day it's my favourite Norwegian language summer song, a really cool affair describing the joy and recklessness you feel when the sun shines on the city and gives its inhabitants some long wanted warmth. Songwriter and singer Ulf Nygaard has captured this feeling perfectly. I have no idea though why the video is shot on location in Paris and not in Oslo, but I don't really care. To me, this song is about Oslo, and on days like this I really love my hometown!

Watch and listen

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