mandag 18. juni 2012

Happy birthday, Paul! - 10 Beatles favourites

Sir Paul McCartney, one of the world's very, VERY best and most important songwriters, is 70 years old today. Together with John Lennon he wrote and recorded an incredible amount of classic pop songs with The Beatles, and although they always shared songwriting credits in the band, they mostly wrote on their own, sometimes with a little help from each other.

Here you can listen to my 10 favourite The Beatles songs mainly written - and sung - by Paul.

1. "Penny Lane" (1967)

2. "Can't Buy Me Love" (1964)

3. "Yesterday" (1965)

4. "Let It Be" (1969)

5. "Helter Skelter" (1968)

6. "I Saw Her Standing There" (1963)

7. "The Fool On The Hill" (1967)

8. "Hey Jude" (1968)

9. "All My Loving" (1963)

10. "Magical Mystery Tour" (1967)

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