tirsdag 26. juni 2012

Chris Isaak - Dancin'

Happy 56th birthday to Chris Isaak! Here's "Dancin'", the opening track from his 1985 debut album Silvertone, named after his backing band. Isaak was something else upon arrival, a true product of the popular culture of the American south of the 1950's and '60's, playing an eerie kind of music that sounds as if it's haunted by ghosts, best at home in a deep and dark swamp, and would fit perfectly into the fabulous imagery of the otherwise ridiculous HBO series True Blood. Jace Everett could not have written the song "Bad Things" that are used to such great effect in the series' title sequence if it had not been for Isaak's music. Isaak's latest album was called Beyond The Sun and is a tribute to the songs and artists of Sun Records, which are by far his most important musical inspirations. You can hear it in "Dancin'" and in most of his recorded output ever since. Also, it has to be mentioned that the music video to "Dancin'" is outstanding. You should take the time to watch it.

Watch and listen

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