lørdag 7. april 2012

Squeeze - Last Time Forever

Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti was Squeeze' 1985 comeback album, after the band's two singer/songwriters Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook for some strange reason had released the joint album Difford & Tilbrook. You'd think they could have called themselves Squeeze anyway. Anyway, Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti is a much better title than an album, but it does contain the gem "Last Time Forever", a stunning and intricate ballad that was the lead single. It only reached number 45 on the UK singles chart, but that doesn't reflect anything really, does it? Although it has a very 80's style arrangement, "Last Time Forever" has stood the test of time very well, it's just one of those perfect songs Difford and Tilbrook are so good at writing.

Watch and listen

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