onsdag 11. april 2012

Finally! Everything But The Girl reissue program underway!

Hooray for the good people of British reissue label Edsel! They've acquired the rights to the Everything But The Girl back catalogue, and are now about to issue deluxe editions of their first four albums, complete with non-album singles, B-sides, BBC sessions and demos. The duo (consisting of real life partners Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt) started out quite differently from the electronic music they embraced in the 90's and further on into the new millennium with Tracey's solo albums and Ben's DJ compilations. Eden (1984), Love Not Money (1985), Baby The Stars Shine Bright (1986) and Idlewild (1988) are filled with low-key acoustic pop music with a light jazz and bossa nova flair, and especially the first three are wonderful albums! All of them will be released with bonus discs on May 28th, in what will most probably be some beautiful editions.


Love Not Money...Plus

Baby The Stars Shine Bright...Plus


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