tirsdag 17. april 2012

The best Everything But The Girl playlist of all time!

Here's a real treat for all you good people, especially those of you who subscribe to the streaming service WiMP. I have compiled the definitive Everything But The Girl playlist, including solo releases from both Ben Watt and Tracey Thorn, and also the very best of their collaborative efforts and guest appearences with Massive Attack, The Style Council and more. There are as many as 64 songs in total, in strict chronological order (I hope and think), and even if you don't subscribe to WiMP you will get access to previews of all the songs and can look them up elsewhere if you like.


1 kommentar:

  1. Mye fint her, Erik. Men er "The Language of Live" endret i sin reissue for det digitale markedet? I Wimp er åpningskuttet en remix av "Driving" - ikke den samme versjonen som på min vinyl.