fredag 28. oktober 2011

Siri Nilsen - Alle snakker sant

Siri Nilsen is the daughter of famous Norwegian troubadour Lillebjørn Nilsen. Dad is suffering from writer's block and hasn't written anything new in almost 20 years, but he's paid his dues and then some, having written scores of classics from his - and mine - native Oslo. But if Lillebjørn is suffering from writer's block, his offspring certainly isn't. Two years ago she released her debut album Vi som ser i mørket (We who are able to see in the dark), and in two weeks she'll release the follow-up, Alle snakker sant (Everyone's telling the truth). Here's the beautiful title track and first single in an early, acoustic solo version. Siri has a knack for a great melody and a truly captivating voice that draws you into her songs and keeps you there for the duration of them. For those of you that struggle with Norwegian, I hope you appreciate the song nevertheless.

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