tirsdag 18. oktober 2011

Duel In The Sun - You Know What

If you're among those who remember the Norwegian band The Colors Turned Red (that evolved from the band Im Nebel), count yourself lucky. In that case you've seen or heard some brilliant pop music that was in no way representative of Norwegian pop music when the band's 1988 debut album was released. The band broke up shortly afterwards, but were reformed for a new album that was released in 2006. Unfortunately that album went nowhere fast, and instead of trying to revive the band yet again, key members Johnny Hazard and Haakon Larsen have formed the new outfit Duel In The Sun, named after a more or less obscure 1946 western movie. They are joined by the drummer from The Colors Turned Red, Morten Jackman, and on stage they're six musicians with additional members Bjørn Fløystad, Bernt Erik Andreassen and Jørn Raknes. Duel In The Sun's debut single "Smile Again" was released in February, and they recently released the follow-up, a wonderful pop song called "You Know What". The debut album will follow shortly, on November 4th. After the two singles released so far, both of them drenched in 60's pop references, exepectations are pretty high. Something to look forward to.

Watch and listen

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