onsdag 26. oktober 2011

Flowers And Sea Creatures - A.M. (Ewan Pearson Edit)

My current favourite album is the self-titled debut from Montreal electronica duo Flowers And Sea Creatures. It's a stunningly beautiful and highly atmospheric album, painting a nocturnal urban landscape with what the record label describes as "Graham Baxter's idiosyncratic voice (that) soars over acoustic guitars and an undertow of buzzy synth drones from partner Kosta Megalos". However you want to describe it, this is very accessible music, difficult not to fall in love with. Here's "A.M.", one of the album's stand-out tracks, in an edit courtesy of British producer Ewan Pearson. By the way, the record label in question is Buzzin' Fly, owned and operated by Ben Watt, also known as the male half of Everything But The Girl, and the album is the female half Tracey Thorn's favourite of the year apparently. Let's say they have good taste.


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