mandag 8. august 2011

The Waterboys - The Whole Of The Moon

"The Whole Of The Moon" can be regarded as a culmination of The Waterboys' "big music" era, meaning their first three albums, the second of which actually included a single called "The Big Music". Still, "The Whole Of The Moon" is the song that perfectly sums up these first albums, culled from the 1985 release This Is The Sea. It was just a minor hit upon its initial release, but has gone on to become a kind of signature song for the band, that is to say Mike Scott, who constantly changes the line-up of The Waterboys. This incarnation though, included Karl Wallinger who went on to record music under the moniker World Party. The next Waterboys album came out three years later, the radically different Fisherman's Blues album who marked the start of Scott's folk rock era. Nobody saw that coming. Listen to "The Whole Of The Moon" and you'll understand why not.

Watch and listen

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