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New Blood: Upcoming concert and studio releases from Peter Gabriel

New Blood is the title of both Peter Gabriel's new studio album and forthcoming live DVD and Bluray release where he revisits several old songs in orchestral arrangements. Like on his Scratch My Back album where he recorded versions of some of his favourite songs - old and new - there are no guitars, bass or drums. The live release was filmed over two nights at London's Hammersmith Odeon this March and it will be available October 24th on DVD, Bluray and even 3D Bluray. October 10th is the release date for the studio album which will include versions of "Biko", "Red Rain", "Solsbury Hill", "Don't Give Up" and other classics.

File:NewBlood PeterGabriel.jpg
CD cover

I don't have the final track list for the studio album yet, but these are the songs on the live release: 
1) Intruder  
2) Wallflower   
3) The Boy In The Bubble   
4) Après Moi   
5) The Drop   
6) Washing Of The Water*   
7) The Book Of Love   
8) Darkness   
9) The Power Of The Heart   
10) Biko   
11) San Jacinto        
12) Digging In The Dirt   
13) Signal To Noise   
14)Downside Up   
15) Mercy Street   
16) The Rhythm Of The Heat   
17) Blood Of Eden   
18) Red Rain   
19) Solsbury Hill   
20) In Your Eyes   
21) Don’t Give Up   
22) The Nest That Sailed The Sky

Washing Of The Water is not featured on the 3D version.

DVD/Bluray cover

A bit more info here.

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