onsdag 10. august 2011

Nils & Prepple - Reiser alene

Two old friends from the Norwegian city of Trondheim, Nils Petter Aune and Prepple Houmb played in local band Hastverk back in 1978, then went their seperate ways. Nils went to London, then to Oslo, and in the years 1988 - 2009 he played guitar with one of Norway's best and most popular rock bands, Raga Rockers. Prepple enjoyed immense success as lead singer with what is probably the most popular Norwegian rock band ever, Dumdum Boys. Nils & Prepple is a one-off project, and the album Brent og resirkulert (Burned and recycled) is released on September 1st. It's preceded by the energetic single "Reiser alene" (Traveling alone).


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